NUTP Healthcare Short Payment Notice

7 May 2019


Kindly ignore the 14 days deadline stated in the letter. You can pay your short payment via online banking to:

Great Eastern Life- OCBC (701-104-4346)

Please email your payment slips to and cc to and with an attachment of a copy of your latest Payslip for us to adjust the deduction in Angkasa.

Please label your email subject as “Healthcare Short Payment Payslip” for immediate processing on our part as well as Great Eastern’s.


Some of our members have received an Outstanding Premium Notification letter, sent out by Great Eastern Life on 1 April 2019.

The short payment of premium originates mostly from the following 2 events:

  1. The 6% GST levied by the government beginning April 2015. GST is a tax that applies to all Health and Surgical insurance (Medical Card) in Malaysia.
  2. An increase in the premium on 1 January 2017. This was presented to, and agreed upon, by the EXCO of the Union at that time.

In both cases, our Agency and Great Eastern have sent numerous letters, SMS, and emails to inform members of the increase, and to request for their payslip so that an adjustment to their salary deduction can be made through BPA.

For members who have not sent in their payslip in time, the new premium could not be correctly deducted through BPA, hence a short payment exists in their accounts.

We would like to stress that despite the shortfall (i.e. insufficient premium), Great Eastern has never suspended any claims from any members with short payment issues.


For members with outstanding premiums above RM2,000, we understand your concerns, and wish to clarify that the payment can be made through installment:

  1. Additional monthly deduction through BPA.
  2. Installment through online transfer to the OCBC account listed above.

Kindly contact our office should you wish to pay by installment.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and trust.



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