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Started working in Great Eastern
First Group Scheme introduced to Koperasi
Launched Personal Accident Scheme – MUI
Launched Whole Life Plan – Easi Pay
Launched 36 Critical Illness Scheme – Livin’ Pay
Launched first Group Medical Card – NUTP Health Care Card
Launched Islamic 36 Critical Illness Scheme – Barakah
Launched Takaful 36 Critical Illness Scheme – Takaful Guru
Launched Investment Link 36 Critical Illness Scheme – Livin’ Pay Plus
Launched Takaful Medical Card – Takaful NUTP GE Medikad


Tony Ng has been in Great Eastern since the 1970s. He was a teacher before he took up insurance full time. It is also because of his close association, that he knows the need of the teachers and therefore introduce insurance schemes to cater such needs. He has introduced a number of schemes to the teachers such as :-

  • The Group Multiple Benefits Scheme (GMBS)
  • The EasiPay Scheme
  • The Loan Guarantee Scheme (Fatalities Scheme)
  • The MUI Diamond Accident Protector Scheme
  • The Livin’ Pay Scheme with 36 Critical Illness
  • The Dana Restu (Barakah) Scheme with 36 Critical Illnesses
  • The Cuepacs Livin’ Care Scheme
  • The Cuepacs Dana Restu Scheme
  • The NUTP Health Care Scheme
  • The Takaful Guru with 36 Critical Illness

He has also been in the teachers’ cooperative as well as government’s cooperative to cater to the needs of the cooperative. Until today he has got more than 20 workers throughout Malaysia servicing these schemes. He has a main office which is the recording and servicing office in Penang. He is at present also a Group Sales Manager with a small group of productive agents doing individual life policies.

Message from Mr. Tony

To NUTP Members :

First of all, we would like to thank you for spending your time to visit our website. We hope that our website can provide you the detailed information as well as answer your questions for certain schemes. For convenience of teachers, we also include the proposal and claim forms for all the offered schemes.

For those who have not yet participated, we sincerely invite you to apply for these schemes because we may face disaster any time in the future. In addition, our offered schemes are comprehensive and cheap, and are introduced intentionally to NUTP members only. If you are facing any problem or have any question, please give us a call or email.

Finally, we hope all the members of NUTP always good in healthy. Thanks.

Tony Ng

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