NUTP Health Care is a conventional medical card which covers Hospital Surgical, Treatment, Treatment, Emergency and Accident etc.

NUTP Health Care covers up to 90% of your total hospital bills.

RM100,000 every year for family.

There is no lifetime limit for NUTP Health Care Plan, Only an annual limit of RM100,000 every year.

Yes. NUTP Health Care plan is guaranteed for  renewal even if you are ill, on the condition that the renewal premium must be paid before the renewal.

NUTP members aged below 60 years.

Yes. If member already has Livin Pay, Spouse and Children can also apply for NUTP Health Care.

The entry age is below 60 years for Spouse and below 23 years for Children.

Age 70 for member and spouse. Age 23 for children.

  1. If you are still teaching (in service), you can opt for Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) to deduct your monthly premium from your salary.
  2. After Retiring, you can still continue the scheme by paying the Yearly premium by Personal Cheque or Money Order to us or to the NUTP branch office.

No. There is no value for medical card package.

No. Nominees are not applicable for Medical card scheme.

No. There is no value for medical card package.

Yes. It falls under the  Life Insurance category with a maximum value of up to RM6,000.

10% Co-Insurance + RM200 deductible (up to Max RM1,000)
Or any accessories used during the hospitalization.

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