Takaful Guru TTMW62 (36 Critical Illness + Life + Saving)

Takaful Guru is a syariah based 36 critical illness scheme with savings. It covers 36 critical illness, death, total permenant disability (TPD) and maturity.
It is sole Takaful Syariah based 36 critical illness & savings scheme under NUTP.

NUTP member who age below 60 years.

Yes. Spouse age below 60 years and child below 18 years.

  1. Policy will auto mature at age 65.
  2. A Maturity Value will be payable from Etiqa Takaful Berhad to you via Direct Credit Facility to your bank account.
  3. Spouse or Child CANNOT continued the scheme after the Member (Teacher) policy matured at age 65.
  1. If you are still teaching (in service), you can opt for Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) to deduct your monthly premium from your salary.
  2. After Retired, you still can continued the scheme by paying the Yearly premium by Personal Cheque or Money Order to us or NUTP branch office.

Yes. 50% of your Akaun Peserta (AP) every 3 years.

Yes. You can appoint Nominee on your policy.

Yes. You can surrender anytime before the policy turn mature at age 65. A Surrender Value will be payable to you.

No. Once member fully claimed the full sum assured, spouse and child are automatic out from the scheme.

Yes. Is fall under Life Insurance category. Max up to RM6,000.