Takaful MUI Personal Accident (PA)

Takaful MUI PA is a Takaful Personal Accident plan which cover all type of accidents occur by life assured
Accident not necessary refer to road accident only, any accident happened like fall down, struck by lightning, drown etc.
Double indemnity payable for Public Conveyance accident.

NUTP member who age below 60 years.

Yes. Spouse age below 60 years and child below 23 years. And they must working in Malaysia.
Working overseas are not entitled to participate under Takaful MUI PA.

Age 70 for member and spouse. Child can insured up to member’s maturity.

  1. If you are still teaching (in service), you can opt for Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) to deduct your monthly premium from your salary.
  2. After Retired, you still can continued the scheme by paying the Yearly premium by Personal Cheque or Money Order to us or NUTP branch office.

No. There is no value for Takaful Personal Accident plan.

Yes. You can appoint Nominee on your policy.

No. There is no value for Takaful Personal Accident plan.

No. Takaful Personal Accident plan are not entitled for tax relief.

Yes. It cover you under Takaful Personal Accident for world wide but subject to terms & conditions.