NUTP Health Care Card GS3271

NUTP Health Care cover 90% of your total Hospitalization Bills such as Surgical, Treatment, Emergency or Accident

Room & Board
– RM200

Annual Limit – RM50,000 (Individual Plan)
Annual Limit – RM100,000 (Family Plan)

No Lifetime Limit – Auto Renew Every Calendar Year

Flat Premium Rate from age 18 to 55 (Member & Spouse)

Child Premium only RM18 per month to enjoy same benefit as Adult

10% Co-Insurance can be reimbursement under Livin' Pay Plus or Dana Restu Plus plan

We have 100 Panel Hospitals throughout whole Malaysia, included Sabah & Sarawak

Entry age

  • Age 60 for Member & Spouse
  • Age 23 for Child

Maturity age

  • Age 70 for Member & Spouse
  • Age 23 for Child

Scope of Benefit: Premium Table As Below

Group Yearly Renewable Hospitalisation and Surgical Plan Plan A (RM)
Annual Limit
Malaysia (Member Only / Family)
Oversea (Member Only / Family)
50,000 / 100,000
100,000 / 200,000
(A) Hospital Room and Board (R&B)
(i) (Limit per day, subject to a maximum of 150 days per disability)(ii) Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
(Limit per day, subject to a maximum of 75 per any disability)
(B) Hospital Supplies and Services
(Maximum any One Disability)
As charged subject to Overall Aggregate Limit
(C) Surgical Benefit
(Maximum per any One Disability not subject to the Schedule
Operations and Benefit)
(D) Anaesthetist’s Fees 11,250
(E) In Hospital Physician Visit
(Maximum per any One Disability, Max 60 days)
Reimbursement of Reasonable and Customary Charges which is consistent with those usually
charged to a award or Room and Board accommodation which is approximate to and within
the daily limit of the amount stated in Hospital Room and Board benefit under the plan insured
(F) Emergency Accident Outpatient Treatment
(follow-up within 31 days)
(G) Pre-Hospitalisation Specialist Consultation Benefit
(Within 60 days before hospitalisation)
(H) Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Test
(Within 60 days before hospitalisation)
(I) Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
(Within 31 days after hospital discharge)
(J) Ambulance Fees 200
(K) Daily-Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
(Maximum 150 days of confinement per policy year)
(L) Medical Report 80
(M) Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatment Subject to 200 deductible and 10% co-insurance, maximum out of pocket 1,000 per eligible
(N) Monthly Outpatient Kidney Dialysis & Cancer Treatment 4,000
(O) Organ Transplant 35,000
Plan A Monthly Premium
Age Individual Family Child Premium
18-55 RM53.59 RM114.25 RM18.00 per child
(Age between 30 days
and 19 years who not married,
or 23 years if full time study
and not yet working)
56-60 RM100.75 RM230.50
61-65 RM117.34 RM268.42
66-70 RM307.00 RM609.00

Admission Procedure: